3 Design Tips For Custom Medals

Custom medals are unique in that you can make whatever design you like. It is completely different to design for print or online medals. Singapore medals allow us to mix enamel, electroplating, and textures in multiple layers.

It's amazing, just think about it. You have worked hard for a medal. Let's ensure that your award design matches the achievement. Here are a few ways to create a custom award in Singapore that stands out.

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Give life to your squares, circles, and ovals

Use a circle or an oval as your starting point. But, add something outside of the circle to break up and give the medal more life. The below example of a medal design is great. The edge is where the baseball bats are. They have a dynamic, waving feel and give off a sense of motion.

Choose enamel colors that are compatible with bronze, nickel, or gold

Most Singapore medals don't have any paint and rely solely on electroplate. Sometimes enamel can be an important part of the design. You can make medals in three finishes: gold, silver, and bronze.

The most problematic electroplate color is always bronze. Brighter colors are better than dark enamels. This is something to keep in mind when you request enamel colors.

You can use the ribbon to highlight some of your text

You might consider adding text to your ribbon if you have a long event or need a lot of text. The ribbon could include the date or other details.