All about Hiring Crane Companies

It's usually a smart decision to hire crane companies if you need heavy lifting done than to buy your own crane. 

You have the option to hire crane rental agencies, which allows you to choose from a variety of cranes that are suitable for different purposes and also gives you access to the crane company's logistics and lifting expertise.

You can also hire the service of Kobelco Crawler Cranes in NZ Distributor via TRT.

New 300 tonne class Kobelco crawlers - KHL Group

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Some Key Factors to Consider when Choosing between Crane Companies

1. Licensing and Insurance Status

Before you hire a crane rental company, make sure that they have all the paperwork in order. The legal operation of a crane requires extensive licensing, certification, and both for the company and for individual operators. 

2. Capabilities, Capacity, and Available Machines

Next, consider whether the crane rental company has the ability and capacity to handle the job. There are many types of cranes that are suited to different jobs. Talk to crane companies to find out what equipment they have and if it is suitable for your job. 

3. Company and Worker Experience

Is the lifting company familiar with similar jobs? This is not usually an issue in most cases but it's important to inquire about. Review their work history. If possible, ask for references from clients who have done similar work. This is a great way to ensure they are competent to perform your job.