Bounce House Safety Tips For Inflatable Rentals

Jumping Houses is a hit at any event involving children, such as birthday parties. They immediately caught their attention and gathered them under one roof. A feature that many parents appreciate. Because it's fun and exciting, parents should always put safety first. Careless mistakes can result in serious injury or worse.

Here are important safety tips for you. Taking these precautions properly will ensure a safe and enjoyable event.

1. Supervision of the bouncy palace is mandatory

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This is the number one mistake that most people make. They suggest that they take care of each other since their child is with their friends. Always maintain safety during the event. 

2. Keep the same age group on the inflatable boat

This is also a common error. Do not mix children of different ages in a rocking house. This means there is a high risk of injury to your little one. Always make sure that the bouncy castle is occupied by children of the same size and age. If there are children big and small at the event, divide them into groups.

3. Do not over-inflate the inflatable boat

The bouncy house has its limits, like any leisure walk. Don't let it get overcrowded with too many kids. This can cause serious damage to the inflatable boat and result in personal injury. Always keep the presence of the inflatable within acceptable limits. If there are too many children, divide them into groups.