Captain’s Double Bed with Storage Space

For a copper-colored bed, one would think that there is not much to offer other than the brilliance that this bed has to offer. On the contrary, this double bed has several additional functions. You can look for the finest captain's bed if you check over here.

Captains White Wooden Storage Bed Frame - 3ft Single

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Equipped with 3 drawers to provide ample storage space for the bed owner, this bed is useful for many people. To access the third drawer, all you need to do is use the built-in hands, not the usual knobs that other beds usually have. The drawers are equipped with a roller slide which makes them easy to use. There is a wardrobe with built-in drawers and it slides very smoothly under the bed.

This double bed with storage also comes with a group bed, meaning you actually have two beds in one. If you want your guests to sleep, you can actually make them sleep comfortably on the bed. This bed is also useful for families who want separate beds for their children, but the beds are close together. 

This provides the children with a room where they can have their own bed while remaining close to each other. This extra bed reduces the space required by the bed. Instead of adding a full bed to the bedroom, you can just have this bundle and still enjoy the benefits of having two beds without harming a crowded bedroom.

You can install up to six drawers on your Copper Capital Cabinet double bed with storage space. Still equipped with a drawer that is already installed. This means you don't have to bother installing drawers or anything like that. Since drawers are built into wardrobes, there's a convenient sliding activity under the bed. The slide rollers make it easier to open the drawers.