Do You Know How 3D Modeling Used In Animation?

3D modeling is an important part of animation because the movement of each object is determined by the inner working of the model itself. The best example of this is in characters such as humans and animals. 

Each living being needs a complex rig that simulates the bone and muscle structure of its body. 3D modeling helps to create realistic internal structures that allow for fluid movement externally. You can even read more about the 3D modeling services.

Everyone knows how a human is supposed to look when they walk. You have seen the leg muscles of millions of people who are engaged in this activity. Animation on mundane objects and characters isn’t believable unless it follows the logical expectations of the audience. This requires a pretty accurate character rig to pull off. 

There is much more leeway in fantasy creatures and exotic animals. Since audiences are less familiar with how these beings move, animators and modelers can take additional artistic liberties when bringing those characters to life.

Animators don’t always have dedicated 3D modelers backing them up. In these cases, it is vital that an animator know how to make basic changes to each model as needed. Certain movements require additional tweaking to the rig. 

Likewise, a proficient 3D modeler will learn as much about animation as possible in case the shoe is on the other foot. You can work much more efficiently in either field when you have a good understanding of both.