How Yoga Teachers Can Attract More Men to Yoga Classes

In India Yoga participation by men is ideal. Sadly, in some parts of the world, we teach Yoga classes primarily to a female audience. While women still outnumber men in many western Yoga studios, there are signs that this wonderful practice is becoming more readily accepted by the opposite gender.

Endorsements by professional athletes and celebrities have helped to spread the word, but more education is needed before its feminine mystique becomes equally recognized as a manly endeavor.

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To analyze why western males have difficulty staying in Yoga classes is a mystery to many. It seems that if one gender is in the minority, in regard to any activity, it is hard to reach out to that group. As a woman, I have seen the same in martial arts, boxing, and football, which are dominated by male participation.

Reaching Out

Just as Yoga has been marketed in recent years to target diverse groups, there are also ways to promote the practice among the male population. Like other sectors, not all men will respond to the same style of exercise or studio, but the good thing about Yoga is that it can be tailored to suit a wide spectrum of interests and participants.

The first step to attracting men is getting their attention, and the second is following through with a program that meets their individual needs.