Inexpensive Kids Birthday Party Ideas In Toronto

Are you wanting to throw your child a birthday party but don’t want to end up with a massive cost? You would be surprised how easy it is to keep a child’s birthday party affordable with these inexpensive kids' birthday party ideas. 

It is all about keeping to budget while ensuring everything has a great time and makes lots of wonderful memories with the best kids’ birthday party in Toronto.

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Kids Birthday Party Ideas on a Budget

Consider a birthday BBQ breakfast on the weekend. Sausages, eggs, bacon, and bread. Bring your own drinks. It is nice and cheap and all over by 11 am so the younger kids still get a nap! 

Hold it in a local nature reserve, national park, or next to a kid's playground to ensure the kids get to have a good run about without having to provide entertainment. You could supplement with some old-school games like passing the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey, and musical freeze but you can get away without these additions too.

If you are worried about the cost but still want a celebration keep it simple. Kids care less about decorations and food than you think. Aim to please the masses, not the individuals, a plate of pies and sausage rolls and a platter of fruit is all you really need. 

Buy blue and pink plastic disposable cups and plates from your local dollar shop. You can do any themes you want with those primary colors. Once finished with them wash them up and use them again for the next birthday or throw them out. You can also wait for until after any major holiday and you will notice the supermarkets have these on sale.