Know The Interesting LED Strip Light Features

User-friendly and flexible are the two most common characteristics of LED lighting strips that are most sought after by those who want to produce professional light settings. The application range of this equipment is basically incomparable and this is all thanks to the design. You can get a brief understanding of IP ratings in LED Strip products that can be used for underwater lighting because of the ease of installation.


Generally marketed with meters, LED tapes are flexible and work on twelve volts, and can be cut enough size so that it makes it quite flexible compared to other lighting colleagues. Unlike halogens or neon lights, LEDs are less expensive to run because they only use some of the energy while still producing the same level of lighting.


LED light strips come in two main variations; Color changes RGB lights and single color lighting. Like standard bulbs on LEDs, cold white and warm white, on the other side of the light strip that changes the user's color permissions to produce various atmosphere features on a simple click button.

 led (led strip)

Brightness level

Lighting strips are found in various levels of brightness, there is fine lighting output for smaller and domestic use and extraordinarily bright lighting level for commercial use. The size and number of LED chips in the lighting strip will determine the level of illumination in the installation. 3258 and 5050 are the two main sizes of chips available. The LED strip comes with an adhesive backing to make the installation process comfortable and direct.


Proof of shock and waterproof IP ranking layer also makes the lighting strip suitable for use in the outdoor area, bathroom, and other locations that need lighting but can be exposed to moisture. Parks benefit from LED lighting strips can buy terraces, steps, trellis, and lanes.