Know Your Boats Aluminium and Pick the Best One

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The aluminium used in utensils at your home is different from the one used in boats. Several Aluminium alloys are prepared with different properties, making them suitable for different applications. Thus, it is essential to select the one that will be best for your boat. To know, which aluminium is right for you, go through various alloys and their properties here.


Aluminium is a great material. It can be easily recognized with its weight. Being light in weight, its weight is about 1/3rd of the steel. This property, combined with corrosion resistance, make it a perfect choice for things that need to move.

Various Types of Aluminium Alloy

  • 5052: It uses magnesium as the main alloying element that makes aluminium simpler to weld which is essential for construction. 5052 is mainly used for the boat interior parts like decks, gunwales, and cabins.
  • 5083: It is a stronger counterpart of 5052 alloys. This variation is mainly used in marine and chemical environments where corrosion resistance and withstanding huge cold temperatures are critical. The toughness and corrosion resistance of 5083 makes it the best choice for side sheets and hull bottoms.
  • 5086: 5086 alloy comes with the same properties as 5083 but has added strength. Its strength enhances when involved in cold working. This alloy helps increase the corrosion resistance properties of boats in saltwater. It is the famous choice for side sheets and hull bottoms.
  • 6061: 6061 is a general-purpose alloy that can be utilized for structural elements. It has more strength as compared to the other 3 alloys. It has great finishing characteristics and can be used to enhance the project's aesthetics. This alloy is generally used for exterior or extrusions hull reinforcement like keel linings.

You can now ask for alloys used from aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia before buying from them.