Learn About The Future of Truck Washing

The truck Washing in the near future will be completely automated to cut down on labor. At present, there is a manufacturer that is using a bus wash machine that measures 54 feet and is able to clean a bus in just 9 minutes. We were amazed by the concept and were curious about its possible applications. You can now easily get the best truck washing services at Airdrie Car Wash.

Economic and Regulatory Climate Timing for Truck Wash Start-Up Decisions

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Another intriguing idea included The Vader Brush Wash Systems. Utilizing this system, we discovered that we could effectively clean an entire tour bus in just 15 minutes. 

For a complete hand wash using bristles that are soft took around 15-22 minutes, based on the level of dirtiness on the bus and its type. A semi-truck takes around 18 minutes, depending on the type of cab.

As we move forward to wash the number of trucks that have to be cleaned, we'll witness various strategies employed and there will most likely not require much hand washing. Hand washing is labor-intensive and also is not easily attainable while keeping prices low enough to be competitive with machines that perform washing.

The robots will need to be more efficient in cleaning the vehicles and will have to do this completely automatically or with very low effort. This requires strategies such as optic flow sensors or sonar, or electronic eye sensors.

In 10 years, we'll find a lot of trucks that are coated with self-cleaning paints that won't require frequent washing, since dirt will be able to pull itself away from the paint or accumulate and, when water touches it, it'll run away as does auto-cleaning windows.