Men’s Fashion: Sports Shirts Versus Dress Shirts

Men's fashion may not be as precise a science as women's fashion—but knowing the difference between a sports shirt and a dress should concern both men and their personal buyers. 

What is a sports shirt?

Tracksuits are available in long and short sleeve versions and can be made from different materials such as cotton and polyester, among others. They are usually one color, but can also be offered in several prints, depending on the prevailing men's fashion trend.

They give men more freedom in terms of design, cut, and color. You can also shop men’s shirts through Williams & Kent.

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What is the difference between a sports shirt and a dress?

The best way to understand the difference between the two different styles is to see how each one fits into the user's body. Men's fashion rules dictate that athletic shirts, while still looking clean, are looser to allow for easy movement. 

Sports shirts can be worn separately from the extra layers, white shirts with a more fitted cut can be worn under a suit and tie. Both styles can be easily highlighted with a custom embroidered logo to give them a customized look.

In terms of quality, shirts are more expensive than sports shirts because they are made from higher quality materials and have a better cut. The detail that goes into the construction and design of the shirt is far superior to that of an athletic shirt.