Online Payments—Choosing the Best Option

When you ask your customers to pay online method you can distinguish between making a sale, or not. And the right payment processing option can determine whether processing your orders is not efficient, painful, or simply viable.

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Online Payments---Choosing the Best Option

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There are a lot of options for accepting credit card payments that you may be willing to use the first option that you think you can understand. This guide explains the most popular options and shows you the full cost, so you can make an informed decision that saves you time and money.

Internet Banking

All major banks now offer online banking and this allows people to pay directly into your designated bank account. All you have to do is give your bank account number to customers – usually on your web site.

There is a misconception that it is not safe to show your bank account number on your web site. This is not true – the only thing that people can do with your bank account number is to deposit money.


  • Free or very low cost to set up
  • Easy for your customers to use
  • Payments can not be reversed

Credit card options

If you have a credit history with your bank, you can usually get a credit card merchant account, which allows you to use a mail-order form, an EFTPOS machine, or even an old zip-zap credit card machine. Allows accepting credit card payments.

Payment Gateways

To increase efficiency, you can use a real-time payment gateway such as which processes (accepts or decrypts) credit card payments instantly. When an order comes from your online shopping cart, you know that it has already been paid.