Plantation Shutters – The Stylish Secure Window Covering

Plantation shutters sometimes called louvered shutters or colonial blinds, are wooden shutters that attach to the inner frame of your windows.

The grid consists of horizontal slats that can be tilted to a position where you can limit the desired light intensity in the room. You can also purchase the best plantation covers in Melbourne for your window.

What are the security benefits of plantation shutters?

When your plantation shutters are closed, it looks like a sturdy structure behind your shutters. This extra layer would be off-putting to any would-be robber as it looks like another tough object to breakthrough.

Likewise, when you go away or out of the house, you can tilt the shutters in a position that makes you feel like you are at home, but also prevents anyone passing by from seeing that your house is straight or uninhabited. 

In terms of privacy, this is also a huge bonus. Those who live near a sidewalk or street with little space between windows and passers-by can install a shutter at an angle that allows favorable light in but prevents people from getting too close to everyday life.

The knock-on impact of this, is also that in busy urban areas, plantation shutter solidity allows you to eliminate the noise from passers-by and traffic, which would not be easy with blinds or curtains.