Reasons Companies Invest in Forest Conservation

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Destruction of nature and climate change does not seem to be stopping anyhow. This is probably one of the biggest crises the world is facing yet not getting bothered. With companies invading our beloved forests just to boost their revenue has also become a problem for forest conservation. Trees are getting demolished, livelihoods are disturbed, wildlife habitat is changing, it is time that we do something good back to our nature. As companies are finally opening their eyes and realizing, they are investing for forest conservation. Here are a few reasons as to why companies are happy to invest in forest conservation.

  1. Due to Resilience – Majority of companies are preferring to invest in forest restoration and conservation in order to avoid losing on natural capital. Moreover, they are investing based on changing climate as much as they can. In fact, governments are introducing new regulations to target climate change and nature loss helping businesses to stay updated with these new policies.
  2. Due to Profits and Growth – The economic value of forests is supposed to be in the region of $150 trillion. This figure is more than stock markets globally. Investing in forests can increase business profits, lower equity and capital along with increase in customer loyalty indirectly. This means that investing in forest conservation is a way to improve sales due to the use of forest products.
  3. Due to Value-Based Leadership – Forest conservation help businesses owners to retain sustainability, improve business reputation and relationship with customers and more based on their operation.

You may want to consider on doing forest risk assessment and learn more about forest conservation.