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The Inspiration And Reliability Of The Bible

The Bible is not an ordinary book in circulation. In fact, because of its unusual features, the Bible has been questioned and has been severely criticized over the years. It was not only atheists and liberals the greatest of critics but the list also includes non-Christian religious communities. 

It is not yet the Christian community's responsibility to defend biblical criticism. This is because the Bible itself can prove integrity and reliability. It is for this reason that the Bible is held as an extraordinary, inspired, and unreliable book. Christian responsibility is to believe. You can get more information about Jesus' history timeline online at AmazingBibleTimeline.

In this paper, the author aims to provide a few but important points that will attest to the integrity of the Bible. These authors also explore some of the papers by respected and trusted theologian, archaeologist, and writer who worked to find answers to the questions and criticisms to validate the reliability of the Bible.

Using the Bible against LGBTQ+ people is an abuse of scripture

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Criticism has consistently claimed that there is a great possibility that the Scriptures have been copied and passed down from generation to generation (C. Blomberg). Therefore, critics point to the question of whether the Bible has been translated accurately and transmitted. 

There is some evidence available to us to prove the claim is false. First, there is evidence that the Bible can be reconstructed from the original text. Rabbi Glenn Harris, in his article entitled, Why the Bible is the Word of God? 

Another point of comparison is the number of manuscript evidence relative to the two ancient writings. In connection with the New Testament, there are more than 24,000 copies of manuscripts that exist for d eat, 10,000 of which are in Latin version, and the rest in other early versions. Iliad had 643 surviving manuscripts.