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Authentic Features of Glasses For Men And Women

It is known that the requirements vary from male to female for children. Similarly, prescription eyeglasses designed for these two classifications have different properties.

When it comes to prescription eyewear designs for men, comfort is a top priority. Men usually prefer comfortable glasses over stylish ones. One of the most frequently followed tips when buying prescription eyeglasses for men is to always try them on to check their attractiveness and smoothness. Another important requirement for prescription eyeglasses for men is the UV coating of the glasses.

As men spend more time outdoors than women, a high-performance and effective UV coating have become an absolute necessity for them. Men's eyewear colors usually vary between black, metallic, and gold, although more modern colors can be used.

Women demand style and comfort from their prescription eyewear. The colors used range from feminine pinks to more unusual color combinations such as greens and lighter yellows. To increase the style coefficient, manufacturers use feminine floral patterns, rhombuses, and glittering gun motifs.

And in general, women's prescription glasses are made of lightweight materials. One thing women need to keep in mind is that, unlike men, age plays an important role in the color and design of a partner. A young girl may wear modern colors and unorthodox designs, while an older woman may have to go for sophisticated colors like gold, white, and guns.

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