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Boxing Frankston: Why It Is Such A Great Place To Learn

Frankston is about 40 minutes outside of Melbourne’s CBD in Victoria, Australia. It is a popular seaside tourist location, but why is boxing Frankston so special?

boxing Frankston

Boxing is a sport, traditionally undertaken with 2 people facing one another in hand-to-hand combat. Using only their fists, encased in gloves, parties go head to head to knock the other person out or get them to admit defeat. Boxing takes place at both amateur levels as well as professional boxing leagues and has been around for centuries, evolving over the decades to become more intense and athletic, with longer rounds, harder punches and more competitive athletes. 

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Frankston is a great place to take boxing classes for the following reasons: 

  1. Training facilities: Frankston is home to several boxing training facilities. These are fully equipped to ensure maximum training opportunities including equipment and trainers.

  2. Seaside location: being located alongside the sea, outdoor training in fine weather is a great benefit. This ensures some fresh air into the lungs for a more pure training experience. 

  3. City hours: being considered an outer suburb of Melbourne, Frankston operates on city opening hours. This means that training facilities are open longer hours with more opportunities for group and one-on-one training sessions. 

image of Frankston in Melbourne

Frankston, located a short distance from the Melbourne CBD, is a popular location providing great opportunities for boxing training. Being a contact sport aimed at overcoming the opponent with one’s fist, Frankston boasts some great advantages for training. These include training facilities, seaside location, and extended hours of operation.