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How To Choose The Best Cigar

Each cigar maker has developed their own house style over years of experimentation with growing, fermenting, drying, and packaging their tobacco leaves in memorable cigars.  

While several of the trade secrets of traditional cigars are limited to growing and fermenting conditions, three variables can tell you what to expect from your smoke: size, shape, and composition. You can also browse Tabanero Cigars to buy the best cigar.

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Cigar Sizes

The size of a cigar is measured by two dimensions: ring gauge (diameter) and length. The sophisticated Spanish naming system defines various sizes of cigars, from small cigars to large Gran Coronas.

The longer and thicker the cigar, the longer it will burn – and vice versa. For a "standard" cigar size, see a 5-inch rectangular corona with a ring size of 42.

Cigar Shapes

The Corona mentioned above, also called parejo, is also the standard form for a cigar. Rectangular with a cylindrical body, open-end, and round lid, the Corona is probably what you envision with a cigar.

Coronas have become the standard form of cigars in large part because they are easy to roll compared to figurados or unevenly shaped cigars.


Each cigar is made up of three different types of tobacco leaves: wrapper, binder, and insert, which add to the different flavor and smoking properties of a particular brand.

Although the size and shape are fairly standard, the unique composition of the cigars shows the skill and craftsmanship of the tobacco maker who made them.