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What is Unpasteurized Honey? What Are the Benefits of Raw Honey?

Honey is an ideal natural sweetener. It can be said that honey is the only sweetener that was not created by humans. Honey is more than just a sweetener. Honey has a unique taste depending on the location of the beehive. 

Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Honey is often a natural remedy and an excellent source for cooking. As research progresses, we discover more and more health and medicinal properties. You can now easily look for the best and pure, raw honey online. 

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Unpasteurized honey is raw honey:- The pasteurization process heats the honey to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius and then rapidly cools it. The goal is to destroy as many harmful bacteria as possible. 

Unfortunately, the process kills the excellent bacteria and other nutrients. Unpasteurized honey is simply unpasteurized honey. Therefore, it is rich in all the good nutrients that pasteurization kills.

Unpasteurized honey helps balance pH:- The food you eat is alkaline or acidic. Many of our foods, especially processed foods, are high in acidity. We need other foods that are alkaline to overcome this imbalance. High acid levels are not good for your body. When honey is ingested it becomes alkaline and balances the pH to a more natural level. Therefore, honey is an excellent antacid.

Unpasteurized honey is rich in enzymes:- If you see the “nutritive value” label on honey, you might think it's just carbohydrates. But honey is more than just sugar. Raw honey can be considered as a living food.