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Simple Deck Repairs Anyone Can Make – Damaged Decking Boards

If you have a deck that is in dire need of repair, I would like to share with you some tips to ease your aches and pains. If it costs a lot of money or involves working on weekends instead of golfing with your friends.

Loose deck boards can be reattached with screws and nails, only you have the bottom material that the decking boards are still in good shape. Tennessee residents interested in modifying their home exterior should consider the various decking and ramps offered by Blue Star Construction.

Deck Repairs

The decking boards sit on top of your deck floor joy framing and if you cannot nail or screw the deck board properly, as the deck floor joist framing is damaged, the decking floor joists will need to be replaced or repaired.

Instead of replacing a damaged deck floor joist, you can place an additional nail next to it and then you should fasten the decking boards to the new floor joist repair.

If you have loose decking boards that are deformed or twisted, these boards may need to be replaced. If you have bent or deformed the decking boards, there is a good chance that you will not be able to fasten them correctly again. 

You can try and if you succeed great, but most of the time, when a decking board is twisted or deformed, there is a good chance that it will need to be replaced.