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The Features Of Microsoft Excel

We all have been fascinated at some point by some magnificent graph created and presented by a colleague during a meeting. Those great charts were probably created in Microsoft Excel; in fact, this program is a must in any office environment.

We all use Excel to do all sorts of things like handling sales figures, number calculation, data tracking, and even to create those cool-looking graphs. You can also look for the best excel consulting solutions via https://excelxls.com/.

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To give you a high overview of the capabilities of Microsoft Excel, here are its top five used features:

Data logging and tracking – You can't do this in Word because when you have a lot of information to track you'll find that using Excel can really save you time – and your sanity. You can enter number figures, names, addresses, months, dates, and any information and track it in a workbook.

Number calculation – You can add, multiply, and sales information. You can combine totals from different locations and create new totals. You can select from a large range of mathematical calculations options.

Create lists and group information – You can easily and quickly list a series of numbers or words. You can group lists of information by filtering out pieces that you don't need.

Accounts Payable – Many small businesses use Microsoft Excel to track their expenses and gains instead of using fancy accounts payable programs. Even internal departments within major corporations use excel spreadsheets and workbooks to track their expenses.

Graphs and charts – You can create fantastic looking graphs using all this information that you track, log, group, and list. You can see the relationships between different sets of data by portraying the data in a graph or chart.