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How To Choose The Best Massage Gun

Massage guns, sometimes called vibration guns, pneumatic therapy and percussions therapy, provide many of the same advantages of regular massage but without the possible expense or the inconvenience of a personal visit to your local massage therapist. As with a regular massage, the massage gun gently targets specific areas of muscle tissue to reduce pain and swelling. Some of these guns are piston-type machines and have paddles on the side. Others are hand held devices that look much like a miniature massage brush. Yet another type of massage gun is handheld and more akin to a large Q-tip.

The major advantage of using these types of tools for home or professional use is that you don't have to spend time and money getting a massage each week. In addition, unlike with a massage therapist, if you're using one of these guns on your own, you can perform a variety of different exercises in between sessions. You can use these machines as weight-loss tools, an effective home cellulite reliever or even as a full body workout. Because the massage guns come in different sizes and styles, there's one for every need. They're also less expensive than a full fitness workout package.

One of the most common types of portable massage guns displayed on fitnesshub.co.uk is the Novick says Health and Wellness massager. The creator of this model was inspired by the natural healing power of massage therapy and designed a hand held unit that can be used as an effective workout tool. The hand held unit comes with an intuitive remote control which allows users to perform multiple functions including heating, pulsating and squeezing. Users have the ability to adjust the pulsating and squeezing techniques to target specific muscles or pressure points. There is an alarm that sounds if the device is overheated and a timer that displays the amount of energy used.

Another version of these therapeutic massage guns are called the Novick MySpace Massager. This model is designed to stretch, rub and massage tight muscles while relaxing tight muscles. This massage gun comes with a vibration mode which allows users to choose from manual relaxation, pulsating and squeezing movements. Some users who try this product report feeling soreness during first use but there seems to be no soreness reported after using the device a few times.

Perhaps the most advanced style of these portable devices is the Percussive Therapy massage guns. These models are designed to work on the central nervous system by targeting tense areas and helping to relieve tension. A motor inside this model senses movement and creates continuous pulsation which helps massage sore muscle tissues while working on other parts of your body. Some users report increased circulation and better overall workout recovery using these machines.

A heated massage gun may be the best choice for those looking for portable devices that can provide deep tissue relief. However, there are many additional types of therapeutic massage guns available on the market. There are vibrating devices that can be used in the privacy of your own home, air compression units that provide powerful vibrations to target painful areas and power massager pro devices that use a combined massage technique for a total body workout. No matter which type of equipment you prefer, it is important to do some research to ensure that the device you choose provides you with all of the benefits you need.