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These are the Principles of Organic Farming

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Organic farming is a technique used by farmers to produce organic food. This technique relies heavily on the use of natural fertilizers like manure and compost. Chemicals like insecticides and pesticides are also used, however, in small amounts. Learn more about organic farming based on its principles.

  1. Principle of Health – The principle of health based on organic farming is about the condition of living conditions of humans, plants and animals. Since organic farming depends on the use of manure and compost, it helps the life cycle to remain in the best possible condition.
  2. Principle of Care – The principle of care defines the condition of the environment to remain stable in top condition. As natural fertilizers like manure and compost are used and little few chemicals, it allows the soil to remain fertile without getting spoilt. Since the soil remains fertile for a longer duration, it helps to offer organic food some form of richer flavor and taste.
  3. Principle of Fairness – The principle of fairness is to ensure the life cycle between humans and other living species remains undisturbed. This is possible due to the organic farming technique which also helps in improving the poverty conditions. It also results in a better lifestyle.
  4. Principle of Ecological Balance – Organic farming as a technique helps in maintaining the ecological balance and also stays as natural as possible.

These are the most basic principles of organic farming. This technique has helped in producing organic foods. Many people are preferring to go organic in Brisbane by adding to their diet.