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Scrum Product Owner’s Task

Agile professionals often discuss the role of product owners in Scrum. To be considered a "good" PO, what virtues must a product owner have? There are many answers. 

This is not surprising, Scrum is a framework and the implementation of Scrum in a project is dependent on the specific requirements. The PO's role can change as requirements change. It may not be possible for Scrum to define the exact role of the PO in a Scrum project.

Almost all Scrum projects share a common process flow. You can think of the role of product owners as what POs do in a typical Scrum project. You can click to read more about the different tasks of the scrum product owners.

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Here are some suggestions:

* Scrum product owners share a common role.

* Create the product backlog according to the product vision as seen by stakeholders. Determining user stories with high business value in the backlog to ensure project "value" is maintained.

* Tracking and monitoring all Scrum activities. It can be challenging to fulfill the role of the product owner. A project may require a lot of work. The product owner might have to address market issues while also monitoring the work done by the team. It can be difficult to balance both.

* Ensure that the product backlog remains current at all times. The product backlog should also be easily accessible to the entire team.

* Product backlog items "PBI" must be clearly stated and described in the product backlog. To ensure that team members are able to develop compelling stories and shippable products, the story description, business value, and acceptance criteria must be clearly stated in the story card.

* Product owners should ensure that everyone involved in the project is treated with respect and assistance.