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Laser Stretch Mark Removal Facts

Stretch marks appear when you suddenly experience changes in weight. In most cases, pregnant women suffer from this situation. Scars can be very ugly and are actually scars that appear on the top layer of the skin. You can also find it under the name striae.

Scars appear because the tissue grows rapidly, and the skin doesn't grow quickly. Our skin ends up with protrusions which the body restores with the help of new skin growth.

The result is basically a scar. Stretch marks are usually dark purple spots that eventually turn silvery. The good news is we have lots of options for getting rid of them. One of the most popular methods is laser stretch mark removal.

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Laser treatment

Laser stretch mark removal is one very effective method for removing stretch marks and scars. We can say that a laser is actually a tiny beam of light used to regenerate damaged skin. The scar tissue is damaged and this helps the skin to heal naturally.

This will remove the damage caused by the scar. The skin is much softer and exactly the same color as the surrounding area after the stretch marks have been removed with the laser.

Different doctors and dermatologists can use lasers to remove stretch marks at different clinics. In most cases, you'll have to go through multiple sessions to get rid of the scars.

The procedure can take 15 to 60 minutes and the skin usually turns red when finished. Redness disappears quickly after about 24 hours. The great thing about this procedure is the fact that it is painless and that the effectiveness is very high.