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How To Get Solar Power Installed At Home

Many of the solar panel systems you buy come with self-installation instructions, and some even come with a self-installation kit. However, if you've never worked with electricity or heavy residential construction, then you shouldn't bother installing a full solar system.

Installing your panels has many advantages. You can also check for the solar power fitting through various online sites.

solar panel installation

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The installation allows you to get to know your system as best you can. If you need to perform maintenance or disassemble the panels at a later date, this can save you money because you can do it yourself.

The first step in installing solar panels is to do the paperwork. If you're using a net metering system, you'll need to get a network metering app from your local utility company. Once you get the permissions, you are ready to start the physical installation.

The physical installation is the least secure part of your installation process. The first part of the process is finding the joists under your roof and installing "tile rails" along the stability beams. 

Once you have your tile track structure installed, your next step is to carefully place your panels on your roof. One by one, you install your panels in a tile tracking system specially set up for your panels. 

The panels are blocked in a tiled path, which has a pre-installed cable that connects one solar panel to the next. This allows for a smooth electrical connection.