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What Is the Importance of Crosswalk Safety?

For cars and cyclists alike, crowded city streets and roadways may also be unsafe areas. It can be difficult to balance foot traffic with the movement of vehicles, so it is crucial for urban planners to ensure that street plans are coordinated to transfer traffic seamlessly and protect people who travel to their destinations on foot. 

It is particularly important to ensure that protected spaces for crossing busy streets are provided to pedestrians in the form of crosswalks, walkways connecting busy streets, and other methods. You can get the best crosswalks made from Pavement Surface Coatings

Pedestrian Safety: Are your Pedestrian Crossings Safe for Visually-Impaired and Blind People?

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To make sure that pedestrians and drivers alike are safe from collisions, crosswalks should be well constructed and organized. To provide appropriate notice for drivers entering intersections or areas with high levels of pedestrian traffic, it is necessary to put crosswalks in the correct area. Furthermore, it is prudent to have signage warning drivers in advance of crossing areas and, if possible, to include lights. 

Crosswalk lights have count-down type clocks in some busy areas that alert pedestrians to how much time they have left to get to the other side of the intersection. Such signage encourages individuals to assess their path adequately and also helps discourage individuals from getting stuck in the middle of the street as the light switches. Such initiatives can help to reduce the number of car and pedestrian accidents on busy streets and roadways of the city.