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What Is A Game App Icon?

Game icons are those small images users click on to get into your gaming app on their mobile devices. They are a sneak peek into what your game is all about. You should know a game app icon is not the same as your game logo.

Both will share brand qualities, but they are not created equal. These are two distinct parts of graphic design that are part of your overall brand. The custom game icons is for the app store only, while the global logo represents your game everywhere.

How do you design game app icons?

Your app icon should really stand out and represent your brand. Therefore, it is important to design attractive icons from the start.

A beginner's mistake is to use the actual name of your game on the symbols. Game developers are afraid that users will not recognize their game and will use their name in letters. This will not happen if you have marked the game correctly. Would you confuse the Swoosh just because it doesn't say "Nike"?

There are some design principles that you should always keep in mind when creating appropriate game app icons.


Remember that app icons are relatively small icons. Going back to design principles, your design should look good on both large and small images.

Suppose you use your main character as a symbol. If your character is unrecognizable in small size, you can only use his face.

We live in a world of first impressions. So, if you are serious about launching a gaming app, creating stunning app icons should be a priority. You want to design something that is introductory, presentational, and engaging!

A game icon is a thumbnail image that a user clicks on to access your game app on their mobile device. They see at a glance what your game is meant to be.