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Meditation for Beginners – Calm Games

Many of us struggle with negative internal dialogue or constant internal chatter. This is a constant challenge that comes up in meditation and for beginners. When you try to focus and relax, your mind will continue to chat, ask questions, complain, and so on. 

Playing quietly is an effective way to reduce and eliminate stress. You can try playing some games for mindfulness for mental health via https://www.mindfuldoc.org/mental-health-stress.

Reading as Meditation - A Creative Practice - Book Oblivion

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Imagine that you locked your mouth and threw away the keys like a child. Then take a moment to enjoy the silence. If you do this for a few minutes, you may find that releasing a conditioned response (the neurochemical "you") can be as simple as giving permission to yourself or giving yourself a command!

Give your permission:- You may find that your conditional answers impose their will on you. When someone says something and you feel the need to respond. When something goes wrong and you get angry. When you feel uncomfortable, just know that there may be a situation in the future that you don't like. 

These are all examples, but there are many more. It should be noted that once you create an environment (eg anger), all of your responses will be influenced by that environment. For example, when you come home, you may get angry at the traffic, but when you are after your significant other asks what's wrong, you answer "Nothing. there! ” Conditional answers could be even more subtle.