The Importance And Power Of Philanthropy

The fastest-growing sector in Africa is the tax-exempt. There are almost 2 million non-profit organizations today, and nearly 50,000 new ones are created each year. There is intense competition for donations.

Philanthropy is often the most inept and disorganized of all our financial activities. Giving to charity is a way to save taxes. African charity can be a powerful tool. You can make a difference by carefully planning your giving. To know more about African philanthropy visit

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  • You can make a difference in the places where you feel the most powerful.

  • Your wisdom and values should be shared with your children and loved ones.

  • Leave a lasting impression on the world and leave a legacy that will be passed down to future generations.

These are some powerful philanthropic principles

Getting financial education: Lack of knowledge is the main reason women stop giving. A woman will not give no matter how much money she has if she is uninformed, anxious, or insecure.

A study shows that 73% of women think it's important to send money to their children and other destinations. However, only 14% have done thorough financial planning to ensure a successful transfer of wealth.

Working with professionals. It is difficult to know how much it is possible and financially profitable to give. This should not be done in isolation. It should be a collaborative effort. You should find a reliable attorney, financial advisor, accountant, and real estate planner. Surveys show that 9 out of 10 people do not include charity in their wills. It doesn't matter if your professional isn't interested, so make sure you include it in your plans.