The Scoop On Cadbury Oreo Hot Chocolate

What's more delicious than eating chocolate – the delicious, creamy mix that is loved the world over? Of course, drinking hot chocolate. Nothing is more perfect for a winter's cold day quite like a cup of hot chocolate that is steaming. It is so adored that it's now a one of the holiday traditions that it is featured in ice skating events or sledding as well as festive decorating. 

The fact is that the invention of the hot chocolate predated chocolate in its form of solid. The early Maya as well as the Aztec in South as well as Central America first discovered the wonderful properties of chocolate found in the cocoa seeds tree. You can buy Cadbury Oreo hot chocolate powder in Egypt via Fengany.

The initial experiments using cacao seeds revealed ancient people mixing the seeds with mixtures of spices, and then drinking the mix. The liquid chocolate was revered by the population and was widely used from religious and social gatherings.

When the Spanish defeated Mexico in the 1500s, the conquistadors got first introduced to this exotic drink. They were so used to the drink that they carried cacao seeds with them upon their return to their homes and began sending the product in return to Spain. Since the cost of importing cacao seeds was expensive, hot chocolate was only available for the rich.

The Spanish loved the chocolate drink for more than one hundred years prior to when it was made well-known to the rest of Europe; Europeans soon adopted chocolate as their own by adding some sugar in the mix and serving it hot. It had been served cold prior to the point at which it was served.