Tips To Ease Anxiety in Dogs

It is believed that loneliness can cause psychological stress. Being at home alone can be a source of discomfort and stress. Dogs can also experience intense anxiety. Dogs are social animals and want to be in the presence of humans whom they believe to be their family members.

So, when left in the home for long days by their owners, they show symptoms of fear in the psychological sense and anxiety, which is commonly referred to as separation anxiety. 

There are some ways to treat dog’s separation anxiety.

The majority of puppies bark and whine when left at home. They also get messy because they destroy everything in their path, including clothing, furniture, shoes, makeup as well as carpets and doors made of cardboard as well as other things.

The first step to make sure your puppy isn't suffering in separation anxiety, is to make sure that the puppy is weaned. Place the puppy in the supervision of the mother during the first eight weeks, to help it develop independence, and also the affection and love it needs from its mother.

Pets from shelters or shops could have lived traumatizing experiences. It is therefore essential to show your puppy the utmost love to it to earn your trust and respect. This can be accomplished through establishing a regular routine for exercising, playing and a schedule starting the day you take puppies home.