Tips to Improve Your Personal Productivity

Set goals. Don't just spend your day; thrive by taking steps every day that will lead you to your dreams. Too often we are so engrossed in the work process that we cannot plan our lives. 

Ultimately, we respond to incoming inquiries presented to us daily in the form of emails, phone calls, posts, interruptions, etc. And let them guide us through our day and thus our life.

Plan ahead. Spend 10 to 15 minutes each night reviewing your to-do lists, meetings, and projects, prioritizing, and planning the most important things for the next day can help you to achieve goals in all areas of your life

Take this a step further by actually filling these priority items as appointments on your calendar. This is a promise to keep to yourself. Remember to factor in snooze time. 

It is important that your schedule is realistic and achievable. It is also important to have time to recharge your battery so that you can operate at optimal performance. 

Even plan your bedtime on your calendar. Don't assume that you can work 80 hours a week without getting burned.

Make time for the things that matter most. Make sure the tasks you are given are in line with your goals. If not, reconsider their interests and the priority you give them.

Decide whether you live to work or work to live. If you work 60-plus hours a week and hate it, but you only do it to have a big house, big car, etc., but you're too tired and stressed out to enjoy it, is it really worth it? Try to live with less, not just fewer things, but less stress.