Ways To Keep Your Couch Safe And Long-lasting

Vacuuming the furniture removes dirt from the surface, which prevents the dirt from becoming embedded into the fibers. Often the best way to keep your couch clean is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. 

Avoid your pets to rest on your furniture. Besides the fact that they shed, both dogs and cats instinctively scratch the area that they are going to use for rest. If you have very delicate or very expensive furniture, you may want to just ban pets from the room altogether.

You can also purchase removable and machine washable slipcovers for the couches. For future assistance, you can also seek help from couch cleaning services available in your region.

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When you first buy your furniture, opt for having it covered with a fabric protector. Once your couch is coated, it can be surprisingly easy to clean a spill by simply blotting it.  Use a spot cleaner specifically meant for upholstery. Also, be sure to test the product first to confirm that it does not damage your fabric. After applying it, use a soft brush to gently work the cleaner into the fibers in a circular motion. Then, vacuum it when it's dry.

Another source of the potential damage that you might not think about is the sun. You must keep your furniture out of direct sunlight. The UV rays can cause your furniture to fade or dry. Silks are even more delicate.

Finally, to extend your couch's life, regularly flip over all the loose cushions. This allows the wearer to be distributed evenly; it also keeps the cushions from developing permanent indentations. Also, fluffing the cushions helps to keep them in shape.