What Are The Aims And Purposes Of The Gm Ignition Lawsuits?

The GM ignition lawsuit aims to hold the manufacturers, distributors, and dealers of GM vehicles accountable for defects in their ignition systems that allow the engines to start without the key being inserted. 

The purposes of these lawsuits are to compensate victims of engine fires, injuries, and loss of property, and to deter others from engaging in similar conduct. 

What are the Types of Defects Alleged in the gm ignition lawsuit?

Defects alleged in the GM ignition lawsuit include defective switches that can fail and cause the engine to start without being inserted into the keyhole; faulty wiring that can cause sparks when the key is turned; and defective engine components that can cause fires.

GM wins victory in an ignition switch defect lawsuit

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How do they affect your car or engine?

There are a few ways that GM ignition lawsuits can affect your car or engine. The most common way is that the suit could result in you needing to replace your car's engine. This is because the suit could result in the company being found liable for defects in its products. 

If you have a GM product, it's important to keep track of any potential litigation so you know what to do if there is a lawsuit filed against you.


If your engine is misfiring or experiencing other performance issues, there's a good chance that the problem is linked to one of the ongoing GM ignition recall settlements. So it's important to stay informed about all of the latest news surrounding these lawsuits so that you can make the best decisions for yourself and your vehicle.