What Are The Different Types of Marquees Tent?

Organizing parties can be difficult with the variety of options available. A marquee can add a fresh dimension to any venue. It's more than just a tent made of fabric, it creates an elegant space made of pure rope and fabric. If you're hosting an outdoor event, always choose a marquee. It is suitable for unpredictable weather conditions and looks amazing.

You can find a wide range of options of inflatable marquees hire at popupparties.uk/services/inflatable-igloo-hire/. In fact , many marquee rental stores provide marquees of various sizes and colors to accommodate different events and accommodate the needs of a lot of people. 

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There are a range of styles, ranging from classic to contemporary. Let's discover more about these styles.

  • Framed Marquees

These are tents of the new age with no poles in the middle. The tents are supported with an aluminum frame on the sides. Without center poles down the middle, you'll have plenty of space. They are very durable and can be put up on nearly any surface as they are secured with weights. 

They provide more stability and can withstand a lot of storms and rain with ease due to the accessibility of space. They are ideal to be used for exhibitions and dance parties. Framed marquees are a good option in winter as they are able to withstand massive snow falls as well.

  • High Peak Marquees

These marquees are more traditional ones and are erected using pegs that are attached to the side. It is common to find the high peak marquees; there is a higher height given to the tent through poles located in the middle. They are a popular choice for weddings , and the poles at the center are used to decorate floral arrangements or as a source of rice lights suspended over them.

So ,it is important to choose the best tents according to your needs & preferences.