What Does A Credit Insurance Broker Do?

Commercial credit insurance, bankruptcy disputes, bond guarantees, and more: the range of policies for corporate financial protection is very large. Fortunately – because then you can usually find a product that meets your requirements.

The credit policy broker navigates you reliably as a guide through many general and specialized providers with their respective products. This helps identify individual risks and find the most appropriate policies. 

credit insurance brokers

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As credit insurance brokers are aware of all policies and are in constant contact with their providers, they can advise your company comprehensively and independently.

Having a credit insurance broker to support the company is not only well protected, but also well informed and supported in the long term. They can concentrate on what matters most to them: their core business.

Services offered by credit insurance brokers include:

Credit insurance brokers provide neutral advice to providers. He creates an overview of the insurance market and its products, discusses individual risks with his customers, and accepts offers.

A credit insurance broker will assist you in making a contract agreement, discussing all the details, determining the obligations of the insured person, and helping you to apply for limits.

Even after the contractual agreement is concluded, the credit insurance broker remains in touch, provides information on existing and new risks, reviews existing agreements, and supports the insured in reporting claims.A credit insurance broker will guide you through various insurance policies.