What Is A Golf Course Called?

If you're a golfer who's always asking what "sacred" means, then this article is for you! This useful resource gives you the definition of the word, its origin, and an example sentence. 

A golf course is typically called a course, golf course, or links-style course. The name comes from the Scottish word "golf," which means to hit small balls with a club towards a small hole in an obstacle (usually a tree) in order to score points. 

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Types of Courses

There are many different types of golf courses. Some are called links, while others are called coastal or seaside courses. Here is a list of the most common types: 

Links: These courses are typically on rolling hills with lots of trees. They are usually played in Scotland and Ireland.

Coastal courses: These courses are found on the coastlines of the United States, Canada, and Britain. They are designed to have a view of the ocean. 

Seaside courses: These courses are found on sandy beaches. They can be played in hot climates or cold climates.

Winter courses: These courses are found in ski resorts. -Intro courses: This course consists of a few simple tees, a few fairways, and greens, beyond which you must go by another method to get to the next tee box or green. For example, a practice round at an area club may be done on this type of course.

9-hole courses: These courses have nine holes instead of 18. 9-Hole golf is played almost exclusively in Japan and Korea.

Mountain courses: These courses are found on mountains or hillsides. In some cases, these types of golf courses take up entire mountain ranges in elevations exceeding 10,000 feet.-Links style golf The links-style is considered the hallmark of Scottish golf