What Is The Australian Defence Force Aptitude Test?

Like other aptitude tests, the ADF ability test focuses on the psychological aspects of the individual. This serves to determine the extent of possibilities about the potential role of the candidate. Several questions and answers for the military aptitude exam must be completed and answered.

The ADF ability test focuses mainly on two processes:

If you join the Australian Army, you must take this exam first. First, preparing for a military exam is very important. Everyone who applies to the ADF is expected to spend weeks of intensive training.

General aptitude test

The general ability test is one of the most important parts of building defense forces in Australia. This includes verbal thinking, arithmetic, analogies, grammar, and abstract thinking.

Arithmetic tests include addition, division, subtraction, and multiplication. Verbal thinking focuses on a person's ability to communicate, while grammar measures language skills. A similar test is measuring the ability to analyze faces.

Mathematics ability test

In contrast to general ability tests, which only cover basic numerical tests, mathematical ability tests are more related to preliminary functions such as formulas, trigonometry, geometry calculations, exponential equations, and many others.

For this reason, it is mandatory to study, train, and refresh a lot before the actual exam. You need an extensive ADF course to pass the aptitude test.