What To Expect From Your 3 Week Ultrasound

When preparing for a 3-week ultrasound, don't expect anything spectacular. The chances of actually seeing anything are slim. You probably won't be able to see anything but a small smudge on the screen. 

The main purpose of a 3-week ultrasound is to make sure that you can determine if you are pregnant. You can also check for the best 13 Week Ultrasounds through the web.

Week 13 Ultrasound

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It can also help your doctor determine how far away you are. This is not an accurate estimate of how far you are. If you suspect you are pregnant and decide to have an ultrasound to confirm or not, then you have that option.

Talk to your doctor about what to expect from this ultrasound, because you will be disappointed if you think you saw what a baby looks like.

Most of the time, if you do an ultrasound that early, you'll find that all you can do is confirm the pregnancy and say you only have a few weeks left. This is something that is mainly used to diagnose pregnancy.

While you may not see much, the weather is still pleasant. It's great to see the changes from just a few weeks to the end of your pregnancy.

Your body goes through many changes in early pregnancy. You're bound to find that a lot of different things happen that you may not even be aware of. Mostly between the eighth and tenth week of pregnancy you can see what the baby looks like on an ultrasound scan.