What You Will Learn In The Safe Agilist Training

The Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is an entire methodology that allows big-scale Agile projects to execute an Agile change seamlessly.

Utilizing Lean/Agile practices and principles throughout the enterprise is the first step towards this change. You can also get more knowledge about 5.1 Agile Product Manager via online.

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With its latest version SAFe promises to provide complete business agility, with substantial advancements in execution, strategy and leadership skills which will enable businesses and individuals to develop innovative solutions to business problems and outdo the competitors.

Here are the subjects you'll get from the secure training

1. Learn fundamentals

Learn about how Lean, Agile and the Product Development Process are the fundamentals of the Scaled Agile Framework.

2. Effective scaling

Use SAFe's values and the Lean-Agile approach to increase the scale of Lean and agile development within your company.

3. Lean-Agile principles

Apply the Lean-Agile mindset , principles and practices and be a Lean-thinking manager.

4. Maximize the value

Integrate, deploy and release value to assist with PI planning and other events involved in the execution of programs.

5. Lean Portfolio

Empower your team with the power of a Lean Portfolio using Lean-Agile principles in the roles and principles of SAFe.

6. Seven core competencies

Know the seven essential competencies of the SAFe 5.1 to coordinate creation of big solutions.

7. Leadership skills

Develop your leadership abilities in Lean-Agile and create highly-performing, purpose-driven Agile teams.