Wide-Format Sublimation Offers Big Advantages

With sublimation printing becoming a major process in the garment décor industry, there are a number of reasons to invest in a large format sublimation printer.

As technology continues to improve in devices, ink, paper, and wear and tear, sublimation printing is growing in popularity.

It is a great solution for short custom runs, photorealistic images, and explosions of polyester-based fabrics and sublimation products making sublimation the preferred choice for a growing number of applications.

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With this increasing popularity, the decorated garment industry is also becoming increasingly interested in large format sublimation machines. Generally defined as units from 42" to 64" wide, with 44" almost the norm in our industry, large format dye-sublimation printers have traditionally found the greatest use in label and graphic companies.

However, clothing decorators are finding that the growing demand for prints everywhere, as well as production efficiency (the ability to put more designs together on a single sheet), make large-format sublimation a worthy investment. And of course, this also opened the door for t-shirt shops to expand into the font and graphic market.

Shoppers love the sublimation feel and the wide-format allows you to print onto a roll of paper and apply it to a roll of fabric for cutting and sewing. Or it can be used for test prints before full production starts without expensive costs.

Wide-format sublimation printers allow not only larger images, but also more economical printing of smaller items and a wider selection of media. In addition to things like blankets, beach towels, and scarves, they allow printing on flags, fabric or metal photo walls, signs, and decorative elements.