Bern – A Spectacular City In Switzerland

Bern, Switzerland's is the fourth most populous city and a german speaking region, enjoys a gorgeous setting, with the historical Old Town city center situated in a loop of the River Aare. This picturesque region of the city is home to the landmark'Zytglogge' clock, a gothic cathedral, and the Federal Palace.  

Just across the bridge at the end of the peninsula is the Barengraben, a bear pit that's been a convention in the city since the 16th century. Click to read more about the things to do in Bern.

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It's been upgraded recently to produce a better environment for the bears- they now have access to more space and a limited region of the river. Bern, like the rest of Switzerland, is well-organized and friendly, making it a terrific location to get a motorhome trip- and the magnificent scenery where the country is famous! 

Beyond the center, Bern has a great deal more to offer. Among the most fascinating and distinctive of Bern's many museums and art galleries is the Zentrum Paul Klee, a museum devoted to the intriguing works of one artist, Paul Klee. The center has been created by Italian Architect Renzo Piano and takes the form of a string of 3 waves that blend into the landscape.  

Bern is near to plenty of lakes, and a few other amazing swiss cities. One of them is Interlaken, a gorgeous spot sandwiched between two lakes and the Oberland Alps. The impressive Jungfrau mountain rises over the city, and lots of mountain railways begin in Interlaken, including the Jungfraujoch.  

Walks along the shores of Lake Thun and Brienz are an excellent way to see the beauty of the region, and several adventure sports are offered: paragliding, river rafting, bungy jumping, and more.