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Plantation Shutters – The Stylish Secure Window Covering

Plantation shutters sometimes called louvered shutters or colonial blinds, are wooden shutters that attach to the inner frame of your windows.

The grid consists of horizontal slats that can be tilted to a position where you can limit the desired light intensity in the room. You can also purchase the best plantation covers in Melbourne for your window.

What are the security benefits of plantation shutters?

When your plantation shutters are closed, it looks like a sturdy structure behind your shutters. This extra layer would be off-putting to any would-be robber as it looks like another tough object to breakthrough.

Likewise, when you go away or out of the house, you can tilt the shutters in a position that makes you feel like you are at home, but also prevents anyone passing by from seeing that your house is straight or uninhabited. 

In terms of privacy, this is also a huge bonus. Those who live near a sidewalk or street with little space between windows and passers-by can install a shutter at an angle that allows favorable light in but prevents people from getting too close to everyday life.

The knock-on impact of this, is also that in busy urban areas, plantation shutter solidity allows you to eliminate the noise from passers-by and traffic, which would not be easy with blinds or curtains.

5 Things To Consider Before Buying Blinds

Blinds are a great option for updating your window treatments to a modern and versatile look and feel. Purchasing blinds for your home is an important decision. According to www.a1blinds.com.au, a leading blinds retailer in Melbourne Australia, the wrong choice of blinds could offset the entire look and feel of your home.

This article will explore the 5 essential things to consider when buying blinds including choice, colour, mode of blind operation, price, and privacy. 

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The type of blind you choose should speak to your tastes as well as set the tone for your home environment.

Additionally, the blinds need to be tailored to the room’s purpose. For example, in theatre and bedrooms, you should consider block out or dual roller blinds that will allow you to reduce the amount of light in your room – perfect for the long summer days in Australia. 


Blinds can be purchased in an array of colours to match your interior. This can be facilitated by the company you are ordering through. The company will provide swatches that you can use to place alongside your furniture, paint or other home finishes to determine the best match. Additionally, it is possible to select different colours or patterns in different rooms, making it easy if you have themed interior decorations. The blinds will then be custom made in the selected colours.

Blinds Operation

Blinds can come in both manual and motorised options. Manual blinds are operated via a chain or chord system that is wrapped around pulleys. Pulling the rope one-way lifts whilst the other will lower the blinds. The motorised operation involves a motor being installed that would maneuver the blinds for you. This can be operated with the use of a button on the wall or through the use of a remote control device. 


Blinds tend to be the cheaper option when it comes to window treatments when compared to other forms of window covers such as shutters. As with most things you get what you pay for so beware of trying to get blinds done for cheap as the quality will most likely be compromised. It is suggested to do a bit of research and obtain a couple of quotes. If they are starkly different it would be wise to question why. 


Privacy is a valuable commodity that it is often taken for granted. People often only realise how much they value privacy once it is taken away. Therefore blinds should be considered as one option in protecting this privacy. There are a variety of blinds that are specifically made for privacy and can be discussed with your supplier. As can be seen, the selection of blinds holds many important considerations to ensure the right blinds are chosen for your home. The 5 things discussed that need to be considered during the blind selection process are choice, colour, mode of blind operation, price, and privacy. All of these things should be able to be managed through a reputable supplier.