Tips to Help You Choose The Right Promotional Feather Flags

People have used flags to advertise their brands. If you will choose the promotional fur flag, we recommend that you consider some important things. This article will help you choose the right feather flag to meet your needs.

You can choose a single or double side print. One two-sided allows you to use both sides for advertising. Usually, the most digital printed flag has graphics on the one hand, which is the front side. You can consider Custom Printed Feather Flags at Sumo Signs if you want to buy feather flags.

If you buy two sides one, know that you will need to spend less money because they are more expensive. In addition, they weigh a little more, which will affect the flight.


You can choose from several forms, such as sailing, tear droplets, swoopers, or feathers. Make sure they have one thing in common: the right type of frame. It is important if you want to raise the flag even if there is no wind. The selection of styles depends on your personal choice and budget. Usually, the style of tear droplets is the most popular.

Flag Design

When it comes to designing, make sure you choose an interesting design. Ideally, it’s better to have your company name, logo, and event name on the flag. Bold colors will make it more interesting. However, make sure there is some contrast between graphics and background. Ideally, white letters on better black background work.

Material and Printing

Most flags are printed with a computer system, which means the cost of each flag falls significantly. Often, if you buy in large quantities, you can get a discount. Therefore, it is better to order some more than you need to reduce costs per unit. Screen Printing is the ideal choice for extra-long flags they provide high quality but economical printing.