Transmission Repair Shop – Word of Mouth Vs Advertising

It's not every day someone needs transmission service. In fact, most people wish they don't have to drive a car for these kinds of appointments. But when that happens, how do you decide where to get your vehicle repaired?

Advertisements can be found on television in the form of billboards and in newspapers. But when it comes to transmissions repair, many people forget about traditional advertising and seek word of mouth from friends and family.

Benefits of trust between friends and family

People hear advice and suggestions from the people around them all the time. There are people on television that are making suggestions for which transmission repair shop is the best. There are people at work that are adding their two cents. However, most people trust their close friends and family when it comes to these types of decisions. They want to hear from people that they trust.

For example, you know that the woman on the television talking about the problem with her vehicle wants you to go to the shop she recommends. Of course, her job is to advertise. She is in no way loyal to you and what is best for you. She is assigned to bring in business. On the other hand, when your best friend finds out that you are having car trouble, she wants to make sure that you get the best service possible at a price that you can afford. You will probably trust her suggestion much more than you would a stranger on TV.